Individueel bewegen in de infrarood cabines

Voor we starten doorlopen we een figuur- en gewichtsanalyse. We wegen op een professionele impedantie weegschaal en meten op bepaalde punten het lichaam.

Samen bespreken we wat je graag wil bereiken en wat daarvoor nodig is.
Samen met voedingstips of een voedingsplan starten we met het opstellen van oefeningen.
Er wordt een persoonlijk programma uitgeschreven op maat, gewrichtssparend. We houden rekening met eventuele lichamelijke klachten.

De oefeningen in de cabine ontlasten het lichaam. Alle oefeningen worden al liggend uitgevoerd. Je bouwt snel op naar centimeters- en gewichtsverlies, een strakkere huid en een betere conditie!

En dit enkel met 2 x per week 30 min. gericht te bewegen in de infrarood cabine. We plannen op voorhand in wanneer je komt.

De warmte van infraroodstraling zorgt voor:

  • een snellere stofwisseling, ontgifting en vetverbranding

  • centimeters- en gewichtsverlies

  • een betere conditie

  • een strakkere huid en bestrijding van cellulite

  • betere doorbloeding van de huid en dus ook bloedcirculatie

  • minder spierpijn door snellere opwarming van de spieren

Start je graag op?
Maak een afspraak voor de figuur- en gewichtsanalyse via
09 398 27 82 of


10 beurten (3 maand geldig)   €140
20 beurten (6 maand geldig)   €260


1 maand*   €140

3 maand*   €340

6 maand*   €550
1 jaar*       €950


* Kom zoveel je wil.

Veelgestelde vragen

Is this refundable?

No. Make a choice to show up and you will experience the shifts. These training modules will be available to you indefinitely. Get what you need when you need it, and trust that the rest will come.

When does the program start and how do I get on the live community calls?

Our bonus call is starts the week of August 10! Live calls happen Wednesdays at 12pm -130pm PDT and will run live weekly for the next 9 weeks. Calls will happen over Zoom video conference (easy to install on any device if you don’t already have it) and will be recorded so that you don’t miss a thing!

What is the time commitment?

Live calls are 90min, plus modules, videos + integration exercises may take up to 1 hour / week, based on how much time you decide to spend with them. This is designed to be super flexible so you can get exactly what you need when you need it. We recommend showing up to the calls for healing and coaching as priority. You'll have lifetime access to the content and modules.

What if I cannot join live?

All good! We have recordings of every call, + you have unlimited FB group access to ask your questions and get them answered + receive laser coaching.

It’s hard for me to speak up in groups. How will my voice be heard?

Being in groups can feel overwhelming. In accordance with my values, is my duty & honor to maintain a sense of equity in voice and expression during the live calls. It is of the utmost importance to me to personally ensure that all voices are heard, perspectives considered, and experiences valued. I am a fierce protector and will fight for your sense of safety in any space I create. There are many ways that I work to ensure this and bring all voices, including prioritizing the most marginalized voices among us and understanding / appreciating varying communication styles of the more introverted among us. If you want you speak your voice into the group, it is also your responsibility to receive my invitation to do it.

What are the terms & conditions?

Absolutely! View our Terms & Conditions HERE. You'll be agreeing to this once you submit your payment.

Who is this for?

Great question! Leadership Liberation is for all non-black individuals and groups who want to be allies.

I see you do womxn stuff. I don’t identify as a woman / womxn — can I be in?

OF COURSE! Lookie here: We need as many allies as possible! The more in getting access to the deeper guidance to take continuous real-world ACTION as an ally, the better! This program here is for all gender identities and expressions.

I’m not a business owner / entrepreneur / trying to do the business thing. Can I still join?

All good! You don’t need to be. The business-specific content will enlighten you whether you’re the owner of the company where you've worked (worked with) or not. AND on the live calls we coach around any and all questions that come up, regardless of the week's content. You still will get exactly what you need in this program.

I am a person of color (non-black). Being a POC I face a lot of discrimination. Is this program right for me?

Guaranteed. When people have not realized I’m Black but assumed other things (I’m mixed…if I had money for every nationality I’ve been assumed to be, the bank account would be phat AF! lol), the stereotyping, dismissing, minimizing, etc is still there. I do not know your specific experience as a non-Black POC. I understand mine (when my blackness was missed / overlooked). Because anti-blackness lives in all of us, being an ally to Black people is still for you. Would be honored to guide you through this journey.

I am (non-black) Jewish. I / my people have suffered a lot in the world. Not sure this program is for me.

Well love, it is! I am not Jewish — I have spent a lot of time learning about Jewish history and policies + spent time in Jewish culture, AND despite my intellectual knowledge I could never understand your or your family’s lived experiences. What I can do is guide you in your allyship journey for Black people and other marginalized identities you don’t carry.

I’m older & retired. I'm kinda assuming this is for the youngins.

Awesome! Now is the perfect time to take the next step on your allyship journey! Retirees have so much to share and I honor the wisdom of your lived experience (you’ll learn that it’s the systemic oppression that taught people to dismiss older generations / retirees) — what another great skillset to add to your already deep vault of wisdom. What an impact you can make with the older generations too!

I'm an introvert and disappear in groups. Wondering if I'll get the support I need.

I love supporting introverts. Both the content and the coaching style is designed to meet you, ambiverts, extroverts, and also many personality/communication/energetic types where they are. You may feel a lot of things in the coaching spaces I facilitate, but you will NEVER feel outcast or lost in the crowd. Period. This is my personal guarantee.

I am a spiritual guide / leader and I believe in oneness / unity consciousness. This sounds a bit exclusive, even how you’ve listed these demographic points here.

If you believe in Oneness / unity consciousness, then this is the exact reason systemic oppression and racism should be wildly painful for you NOT to address. A part of the whole is suffering greatly because of intentional practices consciously implemented in order to cause harm at the structural level os societies around the world. Join the LL community to support healing in a HUGE part of the whole (ps people of color are a global majority -- when I say huge part I mean HUGE!)

I am disabled. How does this program support me?

Thank you for asking! During the program we will have transcriptions of ALL recorded content (including of the Zoom calls). You are welcome to speak, type, sign your questions into our private Facebook group [which everyone in LL will have unlimited access to]. We are open to meeting other disability needs if and as they come up.

I’m white & cis and I could never learn enough to speak for all people of color. Is this program still right for me?

Perfect! No one wants you to speak *for* us. This is about allyship. Instead of using the truth of not being able to speak for us as a cop out (btw: the idea that you could speak *for* me or any other person is deeply steeped in white supremacy), this is a chance to be in a safe & supportive community with like-minded caring individuals with whom you’ll be able to experience healing around where you’ve internalized the system (we all have), practice safely having the conversations, and learn about the infinite ways you CAN show up in greater allyship.

I love what you share Lisa, but I have A LOT of resistance to signing up. Why is that?

Ooh! I know the feeling of wanting to do a program and having resistance! (I know this feeling so well!) For all the reasons -- money, time, how much something is/isn't a priority for me, wondering about who's in the program, fear of what I'll have to face in a program, wondering if I'll actually experience a shift as a result of a program (and more! Haha you may have just thought of something new because of that last sentence! But hey let’s lay it all out!)
I've been there. So have many of the participants (and many of the hundreds of my clients!). I believe there is a place inside you that knows your real answer, and I believe you have access to that place. Part of dismantling internalized systemic oppression is actually learning to trust that form of intelligence again (your deeper truth) and getting into consistent relationship with it. Should your truth give you a yes, I'm honored to guide you around that.
And, if you're on the fence (which never feels good over time and actually erodes self trust), feel free to ask me your clarifying questions here.